Imperdible is the Spanish word for “safety pin”, but it also means “something that you can´t loose”. This interactive video performance is about our need to capture moments in ours lives and our reliance on electronic devices to do this.

White sheets of paper are attached to each other with safety pins to create a curtain, this curtain serves as a screen for the projection of a stereotypical holiday image: a sunset on a beach. The viewers are invited to take the sheets of paper and become part of the performance. Taking away the sheets held together by safety pins they destroy the screen and the projection of the sunset stays on the wall. The paper which showed the sunset is empty thus metaphorically pointing at our attempts to keep and record beautiful moments with technical devices. Attempts that have to be in vain, leaving us with nothing more than empty papers and safety pins of on the floor.

The promise of Imperdible, “something that you can´t loose”, could not be kept.

Video projection on a custom made paper screen fixed by safety pins.


Imperdible was realized by Jesus Cabrera Hernandez and developed at Master en Producción Artística, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) Spain.