Scratch it is an interactive art installation about information, art and society.  The installation serves as a metaphor for our quest to get information. Is it possible to reveal “the bigger picture”?


White Shadow is an interactive art installation: a telematic sundial which connects people on two remote locations. The installation plays with our perception of tradition, migrants, time and distance.


Imperdible is the Spanish word for “safety pin”, but it also means “something that you can´t loose”. This interactive video performance is about our need  to capture moments in ours lives and our reliance on electronic devices to do this.


The Wheels of Technology is an interactive art installation which questions the abuse of technology. A metaphor of the human-cyborg transformation through the symbolism of a wheelchair and a projection screen.


Rumble Light is a graphic representation of Internet abstract concept  using the Tube Map as reference.


The Turbine Mash up is a Web application which uses the virtual representation of the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern of London as a scenario for  a mashup that retrieve online images through Flickr.


Walking around illustrates the experience of someone in a new somewhere. Initially, the place is fascinating, the buildings have vivid colors, with time the people become the focus of attention, they seem interesting whereas the buildings are less important  fading to “black and white”.