Rumble Light is a graphic representation of Internet abstract concept using the Tube Map as reference.

Rumble Light is a Web based work, its name come from the idea of the sound that produce the computer light screen. It consists of a web site application that continually reproduce a fractal tube map: the London Tube map. The visitor is able to navigate these space, and watch videos and pictures taken in those stations that have been uploaded to the web. On a certain area inside the fractal representation, a new element appears: an anomaly. In the same way that a computer bug operates, the tube map of another city emerge, creating a sort of connection or bridge between the two networks.

Rumble Light, does not use fictitious characters or imaginary spaces in order to try to explain the Internet, but rather a real space, something existing in our real world, a space daily occupied by millions of people in the world: the space of the world´s metropolitan undergrounds. Rumble Light shows how graphic representations of abstract concepts such as space, time or internet can potentially help to its comprehension.


Rumble Light was realized by Jesus Cabrera Hernandez and developed at Digital Media Production, University of Arts London (LCC) UK