The Turbine Mash up is a Web application which uses the virtual representation of the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern of London as a scenario for a mashup that retrieve online images through Flickr.

The user writes the name of an artist, the application searches the Flickr database and retrieves images tagged with this name: the user gets a selection of images that other people have tagged with that name. 

The Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern is a prestigious place, famous for its special installations which attract a great number of visitors. The project aims to be an online representation of this. The project enables a virtual encounter between web visitors and flickr users, showing a collection of images of artworks and some banal, seemingly unrelated images. When a user types in the name of their favorite artist, he will get some images of the artworks of the related artist, but might also get images of people´s pets or food, or anything another person has tagged with that name.


The Turbine Mash Up was realized by Jesus Cabrera Hernandez and developed at Digital Media Production, University of Arts London (LCC) UK.