The Wheels of Technology is an interactive art installation which questions the abuse of technology. A metaphor of the human-cyborg transformation through the symbolism of a wheelchair and a projection screen.

At first glance, the installation is just an interactive game: a wheelchair in front of a big projection screen invites the visitors to sit down and play, then the user navigates through a series of Virtual Worlds projected in front of him. I asked myself before: Do people want to sit in the wheelchair? Do they want to take the risk of being seen as an invalid in order to be able to play the game?. When visitors sit down to play the game they become part of an installation for the other visitors who enter the exhibition: the image of “disabled” people attached to a machine is created.

The piece invites us to reflect on our use of technology, to question the social changes in relation to human behaviour, not only towards everyday machines and technological objects, but also the way in which we relate to the people around us and the space we inhabit.

Software: Macromedia Director



The Wheels of Technology was realized by Jesus Cabrera Hernandez and developed at Master Artes Visuales y Multimedia, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) Spain

Thanks to: Javier Felipe González, Liliana Mora and Master Artes Visuales y Multimedia, and Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) Spain.